[VIDEO] “Queen of Snapchat” Died After Chiropractor Visit – 3%

[VIDEO] “Queen of Snapchat” Died After Chiropractor Visit

Katie May, a 34-year-old model known as the “Queen of Shapchat,” died in February.
Her death certificate, which was just released, says her death was the result of a visit to her chiropractor.
TMZ reports: A visit to the chiropractor left her with an injury that precipitated the stroke.

TMZ obtained May’s death certificate, which says that she suffered a blunt force injury during a “neck manipulation by [a] chiropractor.” That injury tore an artery in her neck and cut off blood flow to her brain, which led to the stroke that killed her.

May is survived by a daughter, 7-year-old Mia. Her loved ones have set up a crowdfunding campaign to pay for Mia’s education and college tuition.:

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