[VIDEO] The Terrifying Moment A Stranger Attempts To Steal A Baby Out Of A Shopping Cart

Every parents nightmare is to have someone attempt to take their child, and a Texas mother is reeling from that reality today. A surveillance video captured the attempted abduction while the mother was standing by her cart looking at groceries.

Fox Carolina:

Luckily, the stranger wasn’t able to get the baby fully out of the cart because she was strapped in.“She was attached to the shopping cart cover, and I think if it weren’t for that cover, he probably would have taken off with her all together,” Monauer said.

She says the man never spoke to her directly, but he said something disturbing to her baby.

“‘Oh, I was trying to take you while your mother wasn’t looking,’” Monauer said the man told her daughter. “It was such a strange thing to say.”

The man has not been identified or charged with a crime. Houston Police are investigating the incident as a possible attempted abduction.

Stranger child abductions are rare, according to Beth Alberts of the Texas Center for the Missing, but she says abductors are getting more brazen than before.

“We’re getting so good at preventing these types of things that people who truly want to go to those measures have to be more and more desperate and more and more risk-taker,” she said.

This is a lesson to us all. Thank goodness he wasn’t able to get the baby, I hope the mother is more aware of her surroundings.

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