[Watch] Comedian Convinces People Hillary Dropped Out of the Race,The Reactions Are Priceless

A comedian took to the streets to convince people that Hillary had dropped out of the Presidential race. Most of the responses were pretty shocking while others rejoiced at the possibility.

The funny part is how really gullible people are and the power of media. Why can’t we be so lucky?

Take a look.

CT has the full story:

If only we were so lucky. Comedian Tyler Fischer posed as a BBC reporter and walked the streets acting as if he was a reporter with breaking news.

The news was that Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton had dropped out of the presidential race, leaving Donald Trump as the likely 45th President of the United States. The reactions were priceless.


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The reactions varied from angry and upset to overjoyed and excited. A group of people seemingly were thrilled at the news that Hillary Clinton had to suspend her campaign. They asked Fischer if the former secretary of state was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He quickly retorted that Clinton actually has the Zika virus.


Once the news spread in the street that Clinton had dropped out, another group immediately approached Fischer and asked if it was true that she had dropped out due to illness? This time, he told them she had the bird flu.


In the video, Fischer informed one man that Clinton had dropped out and the unopposed Republican candidate, Donald Trump, was likely to become president. The guy responded, “I’ll have to hang myself now.” But some didn’t believe the news that she dropped out of the race. One man said, “Hillary would continue to run even of she was dead.” Which in reality would probably be

Some didn’t believe the news that she dropped out of the race. One man said, “Hillary would continue to run even of she was dead.” Which, in reality, would probably be true.


While some were thrilled to hear of Hillary’s “decision,” some Never Trump folk felt the opposite. Even people visiting from other countries admitted they were worried that Trump could become president. One French couple told Fischer, “they were very scared…”

One kid had a great response when people said they were leaving the country if Trump won. He said, “Canada will probably build a wall to keep us out.”


The real sad thing about the whole hoax is that people actually believed that a presidential nominee one month out of the election in November would drop. But, nevertheless, the video is entertaining and does show just how gullible people can be that do no research for themselves.

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