WATCH The New Viral Internet Craze: ‘Self High-Fiving Selfie’ – 3%

WATCH The New Viral Internet Craze: ‘Self High-Fiving Selfie’

Can you do this? People are tweeting when they succeed, and when they fail. MOST HAVE FAILED! This hit Reddit’s frontage in just two hours!

Many thought it could never happen, but the history books have a new accomplishment. It happened on October 8th, 2016.

Take a look at Schneider’s history-making accomplishment:

It took only two hours for this image to hit Reddit’s frontage on Sunday. People love a challenge, and if the challenge involves technology and selfies, it has a chance at world domination.

No question, many view Seth Schneider as an inspiration!

One major question: Does cell phone insurance cover mishaps related to this?

More and more people are getting involved.

Great point! Even if one succeeds at snapping an incredible selfie, they need to plan ahead. Either be fast enough to catch your falling phone, or place a pillow or foam beneath it.

Are you up to the challenge? Stand up, and give it a shot!

Just make sure you are ready to live with the consequences!


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