[WATCH] The Stumbling, Rumbling, Mumbling Presidential Candidate – 3%

[WATCH] The Stumbling, Rumbling, Mumbling Presidential Candidate

Whoa, I thought Hillary might roll back down the stairs like a mumbling pantsuit bowling ball!

Her doctors say that she is in a state of health that is suited for the stresses of the Presidency. Other than a little dehydration and a bout of pneumonia, she is fine.

Note how loud the airplane engines are in this video. The person filming is clearly several feet away from the plane but the noise is prominent. There is no way that Hillary could be talking to another person as she climbs the steps and her lips are clearly moving.

Perhaps she is rehearsing her next speech?

By itself, this video may or may not be indicative of larger problems, however, given what we know, it does logically fit with other facts that have come to light.

Hillary had a medical episode on 9/11 and had to be dragged into a van. WikiLeaks has released countless emails that reveal her staff as thinking she is “not perfect in the head” or asking “how is her head?” or saying things like “she does not know what planet we are living in.”

Donald Trump suspects that she is pumped up on drugs before big events, like the debates.

Something is going on, we just do not know exactly what it is at this time.

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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