WikiLeaks Cranks Up The Heat: Two HILLARY Data Releases Today – This Is Big – 3%
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WikiLeaks Cranks Up The Heat: Two HILLARY Data Releases Today – This Is Big

Remember two weeks ago when we thought WikiLeaks would take it easy on Hillary? Yeah, we were wrong…

Julian Assange has said that he has more than 50,000 emails in total to release pertaining to the American Election. So far, he has released just over 6,000.

These email releases are treasure troves, and we are still not even one-fifth of the way there.

Over the next 24 hours, journalists will scour these emails and combine the knowledge gained with past releases. Story after story will emerge, all with one common, Clinton theme: corruption.

People are tired of the lack of integrity in large organizations. Big Tobacco operated without integrity, and they have been exposed. Big Pharma is not too far behind them. Big Government is on the list.

The fact that a political outsider like Donald Trump has even made it this far is testimony to the power of the people. People are starting to demand integrity in government. It will happen.

It may not be this election, but something tells me that the winds of change are blowing.

Trump is likely correct. The system is rigged. Who knows who will be President.

One thing is certain: People want integrity and organizations like WikiLeaks appear to be committed to the exposure of corruption.

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If you do not have time, don’t worry. The headlines will be out tonight and tomorrow.


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