WikiLeaks DEVASTATION: The Words ‘NO FINGERPRINTS’ Reveal What Hillary Did With Emails – 3%

WikiLeaks DEVASTATION: The Words ‘NO FINGERPRINTS’ Reveal What Hillary Did With Emails

This newly leaked data reveals the SMOKING GUN that Hillary has been trying to hide for so long!

On March 23, 2015, New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt wrote a story entitled, In Clinton Emails on Benghazi, a Rare Glimpse at Her Concerns.

The response: “Survive, yes.”

Roughly 300 emails regarding the Benghazi incident had been turned over, and, of course, Hillary and her Staff were concerned about the legal and the public relations fallout.

In the end, little evidence appeared to support the allegation that Hillary Clinton called for a “stand down” of forces that could have possibly prevented the Benghazi tragedy.

Unfortunately for Hillary, it came to light that she and her Staff sometimes used personal email accounts to correspond, a clear violation of a number of serious Federal rules.

Fast forward to today, with the 2016 Presidential Election looming less than two weeks ahead.

This morning’s Wikileaks release, entitled The Podesta Emails #22, we learn what was happening behind the scenes surrounding the Benghazi hearing, and things were not pretty.

In an email exchange between Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri and Staffer Nick Merrill, Merrill complains that Mike Schmidt was being fed portions of the controversial emails in question.

He wrote: “State just called to tell me that Mike Schmidt seems to have what appear to be summaries of some of the exchanges in the 300 emails the committee has. He shared 2 anecdotes with State, one was an exchange that HRC had with Jake about some of the media stories following the attacks, the other an exchange that HRC had with CDM and Huma on accounts, but that was later forwarded to a account. >> >> Again, it appears that he does not have the email but that someone, likely from the committee, is slipping him cherry-picked characterizations of the exchanges. I haven’t heard directly from Schmidt yet but will circle back when I do.”

Palmieri was none to pleased at the revelation, calling it “no bueno” and “bullish!t.”


So on March 14th, the Clinton Campaign was frustrated that information was being leaked.

Take a look at this email exchange that took place just days prior, on March 5th.

Glenn Thrush, of Politico, in a “no fingerprints” email, indicates what Hillary and her team did with the emails. The term “no fingerprints” indicates that the exchange is off the record and will not be revealed.


“no fingerprints

As you said, there wasn’t a hell of a lot you guys could do after the Schmidt story — the emails were already deleted…. etc. What action — OTR did u advise. What were the decision points”

So there it is. John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign Chairman, told Thrush that the emails had been deleted.

Case closed.

Do we need any more evidence?


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