WikiLeaks NUKES Hillary: ‘Foreign Govt Donors, All The Money Is In’ – 3%
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WikiLeaks NUKES Hillary: ‘Foreign Govt Donors, All The Money Is In’

Hacked email reveals that Bill Clinton’s personal chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, reported some DAMNING information on where Clinton money comes from

WikiLeaks, the October Surprise that just keeps on giving. October is not even halfway over yet!

This is a case of connect the dots that is rather easy to complete.

Flournoy’s message was referencing the Clinton Foundation’s fund that was initiated to sustain the global organization in the event that Hillary is elected President.

The email was sent during a time when the news was flush with stories about the Clinton Foundations quarter of a billion dollar endowment. Of course, foreign donations were met with a high degree of scrutiny, as Hillary Clinton was the sitting Secretary of State at the time.

Case in point: the Haiti Disaster Relief campaign. Earlier we reported the details of a pay-to-play process that benefited the Clinton Foundation and did nothing but bog down the relief process for devastated Haitians.

Hillary had promised the Obama Administration full disclosure of all of the Clinton Foundation’s funding sources.

According to the Wall Street Journal, much of the Foundation’s $250 million endowment came from foreign governments. Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman were among those mentioned.

It is also not surprising to learn that Dennis Cheng, Former Chief Development Officer for the Clinton Foundation, left his post in 2015 to become the National Finance Director for Hillary’s Presidential Campaign.

This is a case of “follow the money, learn the truth.”

Do  you believe this kind of activity will stop if Hillary is elected President?



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