WikiLeaks: State Department’s SHOCK Confession OF WHO Hillary Emailed – 3%

WikiLeaks: State Department’s SHOCK Confession OF WHO Hillary Emailed

She was one of the State Department’s highest ranking women. Her leaked statements can take down more than just Hillary. The list is staggering!

From 2009-2011, this woman held the position of Director of Policy and Plans, US Department of State. She was the first woman in history to sit in the position.

Recent WikiLeaks releases continued to shed light on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, with shocking revelations regarding her time as Secretary of State emerging daily.

The following exchange begins with an email from New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, who contacted Anne-Marie Slaughter to express his concern over Hillary’s email problem:

“I have to say I am troubled by what I have read about what Hillary did. I am keeping an open [mind] until I hear what she has to say, but it doesn’t sit right with me.”

Then came the shocking confession from Slaughter. This could incriminate many!

“Honestly, OTR, EVERYONE I knew at State used our private email (I used Princeton) when we were out of the office (except for our blackberries, which were State issued) because it was so incredibly clunky and difficult to get onto the State system when we were not in the office (it was a complicated set of steps and the system always froze or crashed.) We sent sensitive but unclassified documents to our private emails so we could work on them at home and then sent them back to our work emails.”

Slaughter went on to tell Friedman that she would no longer be working with Hillary’s Campaign, as she had taken over as head of New America, which would be a clear conflict of interest. Of course, she continued to collude anyway:

Team Clinton had a problem. What was the best solution? Confidante Philippe Reines summed it up the best:

“There Is Just No Good Answer”

Reines had it right. They all did it and they are all accountable in some way.

What is the answer for Hillary and her Team?

Own up to your actions and face the music!



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