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Woman Refused Service At Major Grocery Store For Her T-Shirt

She was simply buying groceries for her family when they refused to ring her up. This is a scandal. Do you think her t-shirt is offensive?

Kroger is a major grocer in the United States. They have grocery is stores in many diverse communities, and often, they enjoy the support of local law enforcement agencies in those communities. One would think that they would be a little more appreciative of the safe environment that they are helped to operate in. One would also think that they would be a little more respectful of their patrons.

Meredith heard her speaking to a coworker: “She was stating that the shirt I had on was basically a slap in the face to her and she was doing everything she could not to cry. She made me feel ashamed to have the shirt on and I don’t appreciate that,” Meredith said.

The cashier never spoke to Meredith directly about the shirt in question. Eventually, another cashier was forced to step in and process Meredith’s transaction.

Though she has since complained to Kroger, multiple times, Meredith has not received a response.

Kroger told ABC13 that they are investigating the matter and that they cannot comment while the review is being processed.

Meredith does view the cashier with kindness, however, as she has stated that she does not wish for the girl to be fired. She is trying to approach the issue with a balanced view.

“It’s important that people in the service industry know that no matter what, if someone walked in with a Black Lives Matter shirt on they needed to still be serviced,” she said.

Watch the video report of Meredith’s experience below:


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