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4 BLM Cop Shootings In 24 Hours All Have ONE THING IN COMMON

These horrifying acts from Black Lives Matter have some things in common that make me sick…

Four officers shot in one day and there is little being said in the liberal media. In each case, the officer was simply doing his job in a nonviolent setting.

Consider the case of San Antonio Detective Marconi, who stopped a car for a routine traffic ticket. Reportedly, the shooter just pulled in behind Marconi and ambushed him with two shots to the head, killing him.

Then there is the case of the St. Louis Police Sergeant who was shot twice in the face while operating in a normal, nonviolent setting. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay stated that the Sergeant was targeted for no other reason than the fact he was a police officer.

In a third case, in Sanibel, Florida, an officer was fired upon while sitting in his car after a normal traffic stop. Eventually, police returned fire and took the suspect into custody.

In Gladstone, Missouri, an officer completed a traffic stop and the suspect fled. During the chase, the suspect pulled a gun, firing on the pursuing officers. One officer was hit while another returned fire and eventually killed the suspect.

What do these senseless acts of firearm violence have in common?

Each began with a traffic stop.

Each had police officers targeted by black suspects.

Three of the four were ambush-style attacks.

Again, why hasn’t President Obama and the leaders he endorses at Black Lives Matter spoken out against these crimes?

Times are changing, and WE THE PEOPLE are getting tired of this.


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