An Overcooked Burger Has Taken The Internet By Storm – 3%

An Overcooked Burger Has Taken The Internet By Storm

This overcooked hamburger has become an internet sensation after it was served up in a DuBois, Pennsylvania school cafeteria.

The questionable piece of meat is a dark brown-gray color, with shriveled, fatty pockets on its surface.

A photograph of the burger was posted on a Facebook page called DuBoisLive on Monday, and it has since attracted almost 400 comments from people questioning whether the patty was safe to eat.

Samantha Pilalas wrote: ‘That looks…disgusting. Ugh i cant stand school lunches they’re ridiculous.’


While Emily Rogers wrote: ‘My daughter said she has seen pig slop that looks more edible.’

And Dila Holyfield said: ‘You got to be kidding. I hope they don’t eat that c***.’

Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry of DuBois Area School District said the burger was safe to eat, but looked unappealing because it had been overcooked.

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