BACKFIRE: Laws That Protect LIBERAL VOTE FRAUD In Pennsylvania Demolish Hillary – 3%
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BACKFIRE: Laws That Protect LIBERAL VOTE FRAUD In Pennsylvania Demolish Hillary

Republicans, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney being a prime example, have been disadvantaged in the great state of Pennsylvania for some time.

According to The Gateway Pundit, “The laws in Pennsylvania are so stringent that it makes it nearly impossible to have a recount in the state.  Unfortunately for Republicans there have been numerous mentions of fraud over the years in the city of Philadelphia alone.  For example in 2012, in 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote.

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If you wish to commit voter fraud in a city like Philadelphia, you are likely to get away with it without having to worry about the danger of a recount. According to Pennsylvania state law, a recount cannot be initiated without a motorized affidavit from three voters in each precinct or election district in the entire state.

Additionally, the deadline for filing an election challenge in Pennsylvania is November 21st, a deadline that Jill Stein has missed. Reportedly, some voters did file for a challenge, so it remains to be seen how the legalities will play out.

So, how well are Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton doing in garnering three voter affidavits from each precinct or district?

There are 9,163 precincts in Pennsylvania.  As of noon Monday,

the Philadelphia city Board of Elections had received petitions for 35 of the 1,686 voting divisions in Philadelphia, according to City Commissioner Al Schmidt. By 5:30 p.m., that number was 74— about 4 percent of the city’s total divisions.

Stein needed more than 5,000 people in Philadelphia alone to sign petitions to file for a recount and would have had to mobilize about 30,000 people statewide to get a full recount going in Pennsylvania.

Uhoh, liberals. It appears that you may be stuck in your own web. Hillary needs Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to overtake Trump.

Additionally, Pennsylvania law requires evidence of widespread voter fraud to initiate a recount. Democratic Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes told reporters, “There is no evidence whatsoever that points to any type of irregularity in any way, shape or form.”

As the song goes, “Spider got tangled in the black web that she spun.”

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