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BETRAYAL! House GOP Makes Stunning Announcement On Hillary Investigation

Law-abiding Conservatives who chanted, “Lock her up!” are furious!

House Majority Leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy, from California, ruffled feathers with his conservative base in an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday.

In describing the upcoming agenda in the House of Representatives, McCarthy indicated that the Hillary Email Investigation is not on the list.

McCarthy stressed that he wants the House to focus on other things.

“Look, I’m the majority leader,” Rep. McCarthy said. “I set the agenda. The agenda’s going to be about job creation. It’s going to be about reforming and repealing Obamacare. It’s going to be about infrastructure.

“That’s the focus that this election was about,” he continued. “President-elect Donald Trump has a vigorous agenda.”

When asked by Wallace whether pursuing Hillary Clinton was part of that agenda, McCarthy said, “I leave that portion to law enforcement. That’s just the way to keep politics out of it.”

Watch the interview for yourself below:

We have a slightly different view of this issue than many of our friends in the conservative base.

While we want to see Hillary appear in court for her crimes, the Department of Justice and the FBI can make that happen.

It is fantastic that the House of Representatives plans to roll back Obamacare and fix taxes, etc…

Trump has a robust agenda and he has the majorities in Congress to get it done.

Hillary will likely get what is coming to her, in due time. Everyone in government can stay in their lane and make America great again.

Don’t be angry about it just yet!

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