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Republicans Elect A Controversial Speaker Of The House – ‘GOP Civil War!’

Something tells me this is not the first time we will see controversy within the Republican Party!

The political world, and the outside world in general, is still reeling from the shock of the Donald Trump Presidency. Liberals are in disarray, and all they can manage to do is prop up suspicious stories of racism, with flimsy evidence, or sometimes no evidence to support their claims.

Just today, House Republicans voted to keep Paul Ryan as Speaker of The House, and the controversy is underway.

Why the controversy, the “GOP Civil War?”

Obviously, Donald Trump is an outsider. Some say he is barely a Republican. Paul Ryan, on the other hand, is viewed by many to be an elitist, establishment big wig.

The Gateway Pundit worded it like this:

Paul Ryan cannot be trusted.

He is loyal to the elites and not the people.

Paul Ryan is pro-amnesty, big government, pro-TPP and anti-American worker.

It is true, not only did Ryan avoid giving his full support of Donald Trump as a candidate, he did not campaign with him, and even pulled his flimsy endorsement of Trump in October.

NBC News reported:

Ryan’s re-election to the top post was being contested as recently as ten days ago, but after Donald Trump won the presidency, Republicans have united behind him.

Rep. Chris Collins of New York, who was the first House member to back Trump for president, gave one of the nominating speeches on Ryan’s behalf in the closed-door session of Republican members Tuesday afternoon.

Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan were not particularly close during the election. But Trump’s victory has helped to save Ryan’s job.

Just before Election Day, members openly questioned Ryan’s effectiveness in the role of speaker, but they emerged from a meeting Monday supporting the Wisconsin Republican, saying he would face no challengers for the post.

Is this a good move for the Republicans and the country in general?

It will be interesting to see how “the new DC” operates.

Get the popcorn ready.

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