BREAKING VIDEO Prediction From Anonymous: ‘It Is All Over But The Crying’ – 3%

BREAKING VIDEO Prediction From Anonymous: ‘It Is All Over But The Crying’

Do you agree with this BOLD PREDICTION from Anonymous? Perhaps they are bold because of what is about to drop…

November 5th, and the famous Million Mask March, has come and gone. Anonymous still touts their final, devastating leak that is said will destroy the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Perhaps this breaking prediction is bold because Anonymous knows something that we do not?

They have said that, on November 5th, pictures and videos of Bill Clinton on the disgusting Lolita Express airplane would start to emerge. So far, they are correct, though many worldwide want to see more.

Here is one picture, reportedly from Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile airplane, that popped up on Reddit:


Things have been noticeably quiet from the FBI in these final days of the Election. Reportedly, the Department of Justice is obstructing the FBI’s actions in the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton.

I have the feeling that Anonymous is making a strong statement in this newly released video as somewhat of a before-the-fact “I told you so.”

It could be considered posturing, but I believe they are starting their own public celebration BEFORE taking massive action that will rock the entire political landscape.

What do you think of their new video? Watch below:

In this clip, they do make more jokes than usual, and the entire video is laced with sarcasm.

Again, I liken this to a celebration, as they are confident in the effects of their upcoming data releases.

Wishing thinking?

Maybe. But we are certain to know one way or the other between now and Tuesday.

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