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Clinton Foundation Execs Told By Lawyers They Were Breaking The Law

Only days before signing an agreement with President-elect Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton Foundation, officials got a blistering internal review saying the controversial charity “must act immediately to bring the foundation into compliance with the law and standards that govern not-for-profits …”

The review pointed to a high-ranking but unnamed foundation executive who was “being paid by [fomer President Clinton], the government and the foundation” who “allowed the foundation to host what may have been (or may have been viewed as) a political event, apparently without official pre-approval from the foundation’s legal department and without regard, before the fact, to the impact of that decision on the foundation’s tax exempt status.”

The review report was provided Nov. 10, 2008, to Bruce Lindsey, the long-time Clinton political insider who was then the foundation’s chief executive officer. It was attached to a Nov. 1, 2011, email made public Saturday by Wikileaks from Cheryl Mills to John Podesta.

The Clinton Foundation signed the agreement with Obama’s transition office Dec. 12, 2008, as part of the president-elect’s decision to appoint Hillary Clinton as the nation’s chief diplomat. Obama wanted assurance that no conflicts of interest would arise between Clinton’s work as Secretary of State and the foundation, which had operations in numerous foreign countries.

Mills, another long-time Clinton political insider, was then chief of staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Podesta is another long-time Clinton political insider.

It is illegal for tax-exempt non-profit foundations like the Clinton charity to be linked in any fashion with partisan political events as described in the review report.

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