Did LA TIMES Writer Just Make Death Threats Toward TRUMP?! It Appears That Way

Continuing on with the Liberal narrative, LA Times writer, Steven Borowiec, tweeted earlier today that he’d “rather see Donald Trump’s life end.” Showing Democrat’s EXTREME hate for conservatives and Trump. Borowiec has since deleted the tweet but the apology remains and people are hammering him on why he said it at all in the first place.

Truth Kings had this to say:



The Tweet was directed at Time, but it is unclear which tweet he was responding to given that he deleted his original death wish tweet. But what is clear is that liberal media writers such as Borowiec are acting in rather archaic ways when it comes to acceptance of new ideas. This tweet is very short of funny and in its original context, is nothing short of promoting assassination ideals.

Of course, he is now apologizing, claiming it was “just a joke.”


I apologize for my Trump tweet. I meant it in jest.

— Steven Borowiec (@steven_borowiec) November 3, 2016

This is yet another example of a liberal movement which operates with little to no inkling of openness to other contrary opinions and ideas. This extreme left, which is deeply embedded into the mainstream media, will do anything it can to force a narrative.




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