Disturbing Pre-Election Photo EMERGES To Show ‘Hillary WAY UP On Her High Horse’ – 3%

Disturbing Pre-Election Photo EMERGES To Show ‘Hillary WAY UP On Her High Horse’

When you are this arrogant and deluded, the LONG FALL down must be devastating, indeed!

Hillary Clinton and her Campaign believed that she was a lock for the Presidency. They were confident to the point of arrogance because they had rigged the system. When you pay off or threaten everyone from Bernie Sanders on down, how can you possibly lose, right?

“Like everybody else, we got it wrong,” Tony Romando, the chief executive of Newsweek’s production partner, said in a statement. “All wholesalers and retailers have been asked to return any issues they have as we need to clear room for the President Trump issue. We expect it to sell very well as there is obviously a great demand.”

A new photo has emerged to show just how wrong Hillary was about her performance in the Election. Justin Sullivan of Reuters photographed the failed Presidential Candidate autographing a copy after a rally in Pittsburgh on Monday.


How arrogant and deluded can one candidate be?

I wonder if the intended recipient of the autographed copy, a person named Cate, has the magazine in her possession? If so, it could be worth a pretty penny as a collector’s item.

No wonder Hillary and her team appear so deflated after their loss. The higher up a person goes on their high horse, the further they have to fall.



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