Doctor Sees Ultrasound Results And Advises Mother To Have An Abortion, She Made A Choice

The Pro-Choice movement wants us to believe that human life is expendable. They have people so numb to the fact that abortion is straight up murder. They are quick to dispose of a human life at the first sign of a deformity.

29-year-old Tammy Gonzalez was expecting her first child and went in for a routine ultrasound. During the ultrasound, doctors discovered a huge bubble in the cheek, it turns out it was a very rare teratoma tumor. This is a very rare tumor that can be fatal and occurs only once in more than 100,000 births.

The medical team immedietly suggests an abortion.

Daily mail:

Rejecting categorically abortion, Tammy decided to consult the best teams of doctors and in May 2010 she found Dr Ruben Quintero.

Dr Quintero told the young mother that it was possible to perform endoscopic surgery, but that this procedure could kill her and the baby.

The operation went very well and Tammy gave birth to the magnificent Mykaella Leyna Gonzalez five months later on October 1st, 2010.

How brave was this woman? She rejected medical advice and put value on human life. Mykaella is now six years old and she is doing well because of the courageous choice of her mother to undergo a risky operation to save her life.


“She’s doing wonderfully”, said mother Tammy Gonzales. “She only has a small scar on the roof of her mouth. She talks, she drinks. She is my little wonder child!”

H/T: Daily Mail

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