ELECTION SHOCK: $2 Million Raised For RECOUNT IN Three Swing States – 3%

ELECTION SHOCK: $2 Million Raised For RECOUNT IN Three Swing States

Voting machine discrepancies were discovered and now the Recount Movement has blown up!

A computer scientist at the University of Michigan raised a number of issues about voting machines, now three states are being questioned.

Professor Alex Haldeman believes that voting machines were hacked to favor Donald Trump and that Hillary Clinton lost as much as 7% in key counties. He is raising a number of interesting questions, his work grabbing the attention of Jill Stein and The Green Party.

In another study, a Professor at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, raised similar questions about the state of Wisconsin.

In just a few short hours yesterday, The Green Party’s Recount initiative raised over $2 million dollars to initiate recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Under current tallies, it is projected that Donald Trump holds a 37 vote advantage over Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton is said to hold a 2 million vote advantage in the popular vote, though that total is being questioned.

It has been the wildest Election in history. Even wilder than the Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

The American voting populace may wake up after Thanksgiving to learn that recounts are underway.

Will it make a difference? Many believe that it will not and that Trump’s winning results will stand. Others believe that the recount efforts will stall, as states like Michigan are starting to close their books.

Earlier today, we reported:

Is the Election of 2016 over? We will know in a few days.

My two cents worth says that Trump will be our next President but I have been wrong before.


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