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FINALLY! Colin Kaepernick Gets The Brutal ‘Justice’ He Deserves

Hey Kaepernick! How is that oppression protest working out for you now? Was it worth  it?

Colin Kaepernick has been a disaster for the San Franciso 49ers and for the NFL.

To make matters worse for Kaepernick, he started the Season as a backup quarterback, and when he did get a chance to start, he did not help the 49ers at all. The team is now 1-9.

Perhaps it is time for some changes in San Francisco?

Things have definitely changed for Kaepernick’s contract.

Conservative Tribune reports:

In October, the controversial athlete reportedly signed a revised deal with the NFL team that effectively deleted the last three years of his contract — 2018 through 2020 — which could make him a free agent in March, according to USA Today.

It is likely that Colin Kaepernick will be completely out of a job as this contract plays out.

The protests are costly for the team and the NFL and Kapernick’s play is lackluster at best.  He has had a number of injuries, to include: shoulder problems; thumb and knee difficulties; and a “tired throwing arm.”

“Physically, he is not where he was pre-injury,” said his head coach, Chip Kelly.

Perhaps Kaepernick can move to a country where he will be less oppressed?

Many are calling this karma or justice for the embattled quarterback.

What do you think?

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