FINALLY: WikiLeaks Delivers Much Anticipated ‘FBI/DOJ/Huma Special’ – 3%
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FINALLY: WikiLeaks Delivers Much Anticipated ‘FBI/DOJ/Huma Special’

WikiLeaks broke protocol with this afternoon special! The DOJ/FBI/Huma Files!

It appears that perhaps the rumored Intelligence “Counter Coup” is leaking information from multiple sources.

For example, new reports indicate that Two Terabytes of data are missing, and some of the data is said to be Classified:


“The National Archives alerted me that they cannot account for a 2 terabyte hard drive containing electronic records from the Clinton Administration. They last can account for the drive on January 30′ they discovered it was missing on March 24 (NARA leadership found out later.) They believe it was stolen. NARA has an identical copy of the drive, which it is analyzing. Two terabytes is a very very large amount of data; the drive may contain a wide range of memos, emails, and other electronic documents from the Clinton House. All the material is unclassified, except for three documents…

–The three classified documents were authored by Lael Brainard, currently a top nominee for Treasury. Much of her work is likely on the drive. They are almost certainly records from many other White House officials.”

The hits just keep on rolling for Hillary Clinton and her embattled Campaign.

This latest data dump can be easily searched at this link.

We are pouring over this much anticipated release and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

This WikiLeak is massive and is reported to contain significant information.

Stay tuned…

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