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Here Is How Deployed Sailors Eat Turkey And BOMB ISIS

The Navy is serving up turkey and sorties on Thanksgiving day

Millions of us are enjoying turkey and football on Thanksgiving Day. While we relax and reflect, 5,200 sailors on the USS Eisenhower are hard at work bombing ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

Back on the ship, culinary specialist and petty officer first class Antonio Brown is organizing a feast consisting of 4,950 pounds of turkey, 1,050 pounds of ham, 1,200 pounds of beef, 648 pounds of shrimp, 7,000 portions of mashed potatoes, 400 pies, and 200 cheese cakes.

Brown is setting up carving stations for sailors and serving his take on standard¬†Navy¬†recipes, like adding marshmallows to the sweet potatoes. Brown said Thanksgiving is the most important day of the year for the carrier’s cooks and kitchen staff.

“It’s like the Super Bowl. We care about Christmas, yes indeed, but Thanksgiving we try to show out,” Brown said. “When everybody is able to sit down and eat a nice, healthy, nutritious meal and everything, it’s like it takes them back.”

Working sailors find time during the day to have some turkey and meet with the ship’s Chaplain in a small group.

It is a tough life but a rewarding one. These heroes are worthy of our thanks.

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