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HIDDEN CAMERA Reveals The GROSS Reason I Will NEVER Use A Hand Dryer Again

I feel sick. Why didn’t I know what lurked inside hand dryers years ago. EEWWW!

I have seen it more and more often recently. Public restrooms are providing less paper towels and more electronic hand dryers, presumably to save paper and save the environment.

An ABCNews team did some slick, and sick, research into Dyson Airblade dryers and found some disgusting results.

The team went undercover and swabbed more than one dozen of the dryers, then took the samples to  the lab at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

No dryer was off-limits. They sampled restaurants, fitness studios, casinos, a grocery store, a warehouse club, etc… They made sure to swab the vents inside of each dryer.

Dr. Amity Roberts analyzed the samples, looking for bacteria, including Klebsiella oxytoca, that can cause fever, nausea and vomiting, and Enterobacter cloacae which could lead to a serious respiratory infection.

“Those are organisms that are found in stool specimens; they can make you very sick,” Roberts said.

You read that correctly: STOOL SPECIMENS. GROSS!

One dryer at Costco turned up a nasty germ that can cause a stomach bug.

The dryer in the Independence Visitor’s Center ladies’ room in Old City produced a disgusting trove of germs. “We had very heavy growth of Klebsiella oxytoca, we also had growth of Enterobacter cloacae,” Roberts said.

Perhaps the most disturbing find was in a Bareburger, where Staphylococcus aureus was discovered. This is the germ that causes Staph infection.



I am shocked and will either use paper towels or not dry my hands at all.

Do you use electric hand dryers? Will you stop using them now?


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