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Hillary Makes SHOCKING Announcement, She’s NOT DONE!

After Hillary’s unexpected loss, many Americans have really been hoping it was her last attempt at politics and she would just fall off the map. Unfortunately, that was all wishful thinking as she recently made it clear, there is “more work to be done”

MRC has the story:


Mad World News reported that Clinton is topping the charts of 2020’s top ten potential Democratic candidates for the race against Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders is also on the list with her along with an entire slew of Democratic air heads and wishful thinkers.

Though Clinton has not address the possibility of running again, she did leave it open during her concession speech to Trump.


Clinton promised that she would never stop “fighting for what’s right” and she urged Americans to not grow weary “for there are more seasons to come and…more work to do.” She also said that the “glass ceiling” hadn’t been broken yet but that someone would break it one day.



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