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IRAQ: Few People Are Brave Enough To CHEAT A SNIPER Like These Guys

Would you have the presence of mind to cheat a sniper like this? Sometimes the plan goes wrong…

Snipers have always shaped the battlefield and the iconic role took on new meaning during the War on Terror.

They are trained to operate from concealment, protecting their position almost as much as they protect their weapon.

For the Americans and the Coalition, snipers provide overwatch for troops on the ground. From concealment on rooftops or from high windows, snipers can monitor operations on the ground and exert influence when necessary. A single sniper can save dozens of troops by observing and eliminating threats before they can do harm.

Enemy snipers, on the other hand, tend to operate alone. Their job is to disrupt operations from afar, or commit acts of terror from far away.

Dealing with this type of sniper, apparently, has become commonplace in countries like Iraq. Take the actions of the soldiers depicted in the video below. Their tactic is simple, but consider their equipment. It is clear that they improvised their decoys prior to this conflict. In fact, the sound make when the bullet strikes is telling. It almost sounds as if these guys used steel shooting targets to improvise their decoys and cheat the sniper.

Would you be able to pull of a stunt like this one? Watch below and decide for yourself:

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