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Is This Sex Rehab BOMBSHELL A Legal Plea Or A PR Move?

Normally celebrities check in to Sex Rehab, not politicians on a GLOBAL stage!

World headlines have been dominated in recent days by the confiscation of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s laptop, while the embattled Hillary Clinton Campaign attempts to limp to the finish line.

NYPD gained access to the computer because Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, just could not stop sexting other women, some of them being reported as underage. When the data involving Hillary was discovered, NYPD and low-ranking FBI Agents allegedly waited before informing FBI Director Comey, as they were afraid that corruption would prevent him from investigating.

Who would have thought that Weiner’s sexting problem would bring such massive ramifications?

Now, it is being reported that Anthony Weiner has checked himself into a sex rehab facility, one that does not allow electronic devices and specializes in helping those with porn and other “digital” problems related to sex.

This sounds like a move that a Public Relations adviser, and perhaps even a seasoned lawyer, would recommend.

It is as if Weiner is trying to plea to a Judge and Jury prior to a trial. He will be able to testify that he is taking steps to heal, and that sexual improprieties of a digital nature can be cured without an excessive punishment.

But what of the broader scandal that is rumored to be underway? Will sex rehab save Weiner from that? And what of the Clintons?

It is too early at this time to draw conclusions, but the PR efforts of Anthony Weiner may be working.

For now, it gives the impression that he is trying to take action to improve.

Which is more than we can say for the Clintons.


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