Karma’s a B*tch, CEO Now Says His Life is RUINED After Trump Assassination Threats – 3%

Karma’s a B*tch, CEO Now Says His Life is RUINED After Trump Assassination Threats

How people can make threats, especially to a future President and figure there will be no blowback is beyond me. I was always taught to watch what I say and THINK before I speak, it could come back to bite you. Unfortunately, not all  of us learned that valuable lesson early on in life. Bite would be a gentle word to use in this instance but that is definitely what happened to CEO Matt Harrigan. Not only has Matt had to resign from his fancy job, he has been receiving death threats and had to completely uproot his family and life.

While there is no word on actual charges being filed, Matt claims his threats toward Trump have been the worst mistake of his life. Alas, there is always an ounce of TRUTH to EVERYTHING.

U.S. Harold reports:

For starters “moron Matt Harrigan” is apparently getting death threats of his own after he posted death threats on Facebook targeting Trump, and will hopefully receive some jail time for this willful “criminal act.”

Moreover this idiot was the CEO of a local cyber-security firm, until his destructive rant went viral and this moron had to resign from his company PacketSled on Tuesday morning.

Harrigan speaking to local investigator reporter Allison Ash told the “Team 10” reporter he and his family had to move out of their home and go into hiding after his post went viral.

Stating; “I’m incredibly apologetic, for that. I don’t know,” Harrigan said. “It was [a] very, very dumb thing to do, and I regret it very much… and I would take it back if I could.”

And that’s the rub, in that Harrigan and others like him seldom think of the damage they cause with their hateful comments, and threats.

Harrigan claimed he was drunk at the time he posted his vile comments on election night, stating he was just “over the top” with his “distasteful joke”.


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