Liberty Alert: FL Republicans Accuse Election Officials of Opening Mail-In Ballots – 3%

Liberty Alert: FL Republicans Accuse Election Officials of Opening Mail-In Ballots

Fraud, rigged, and stolen ballots. That is whet we have been hearing this whole election cycle from Trump, but is he far off the mark?

Elections have been a controversial topic since the 2000 election between Bush and Gore. Elections around the world are decided well before the voters enter the booth. In Russia alone the voters have no say. Election box’s are not safe there, and now we are seeing that they are not safe in America.

The Republican Party of Florida is accusing election officials of voter fraud in a key county, Adam Shapiro reported on Shepard Smith Reporting.

The state GOP alleges that officials in Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, have been opening tens of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots prior to them being cleared for counting.

Chairman Blaise Ingoglia told Shapiro that “Florida law prescribes that when the supervisor of elections takes in all these ballots, they have to be approved by the canvassing board.”

Therefore, the officials have no legal authority to open the ballot envelopes.

Ingoglia said none of the ballots had been approved, so the party will be filing a lawsuit at 9 a.m. ET Thursday if county officials do not respond to his complaint by close-of-business on Wednesday.

“If there’s challenges [to ballots on Election Day] there will be nobody there to hear those challenges,” he said.

Shapiro recounted how Broward County was the “epicenter” of the 2000 ‘hanging chads’ controversy during the state’s recount of the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Is this really the only way Hillary can win? By stealing the election? We all need to hope and pray this warning is dealt with in a timely manner.

H/T: Fox News, Gateway Pundit

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