[Watch] Not even Snoop Dogg Knows What to Make of Kanye, ‘This N**** Crazy’

Kanye West‘s onstage antics have invited a lot of media intrigue lately. Is he an artistic genius beyond normal comprehension? Is he on drugs? Is he just a man who does strange things once in a while? It’s one of the great mysteries of life.

If you’re looking for the truth, however, don’t bother asking Snoop Dogg, because he’s just as confused as you are.

West turned a few heads on Saturday when he only sang three songs at a concert, went on a bizarre tangent about Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg, and various political figures, and then abruptly left the show. Snoop Dogg posted a series of Instagram videos of him reacting to West, and he…really doesn’t know what the deal is.


This nigga crazy 🤓

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“That n**** crazy. I can’t believe he’s still talking,” Snoop Dogg said. “I smoke weed. Weed don’t make you do that. What the f**k is he on?”

West has now cancelled the remainder of his Saint Pablo concert tour. Daily Mail reports that a source said the reason is because West was “exhausted” by the stress of tour.


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