[PHOTOS] Mural in Los Angeles Depicts Trump’s Assassination – 3%

[PHOTOS] Mural in Los Angeles Depicts Trump’s Assassination

The death threats on Donald Trump are getting ridiculous. This should be taken seriously. Can you even imagine what would happen if this type of rhetoric was being spewed about Obama? Freedom of speech should not cover this type of behavior.

Circulating the internet today is a mural, it shows Trumps head with a bullet to his forehead. Gateway Pundit posted the pictures that they received from Up In The Valley.

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A new mural popped up this last week.
Trump can’t intimidate.”

If you look closer at the mural the bullet hole is through Trump’s forehead.

The President elect is in danger, and needs to be protected. These people are crazy lunatics. I really hope something is done to keep him safe.

What do you think? Crazed lunatics or real threats?

H/T: Gateway Pundit, Up In The Valley

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