PLOT TWIST: New Data Emerges On The REAL Popular Vote Winner – 3%
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PLOT TWIST: New Data Emerges On The REAL Popular Vote Winner

Hillary supporters are losing their minds, still. Take a deep breath…

Both sides of the political aisle were shocked by Donald Trump’s landslide victory on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton and her supporters were likely the most shocked, as they had rigged the system with lies, bribes, voter fraud, and falsehoods, yet still, Trump outran the angle.

Reportedly, The New York Times is still taking their time in updating the Election maps of Arizona and Michigan.

They show 100% of the vote counted in both states, but have not declared Trump the official winner.

Real Clear Politics has been dragging their feet as well in updating delegate totals. They have been showing Trump with only 225 delegates, when in actuality, The Donald has 306 Electors total.

Trump almost won Minnesota and New Hampshire, as well, losing there by only 1,437 votes.

A popular vote controversy has been brewing, as well. Some outlets, like TownHall, reported that Trump would actually win the popular vote.

CNN had been posting graphics, such as this one, that caused a ruckus:


Read the fine print, in grey. It shows Hillary up nationally, in the popular vote, by around 200,000. It was a misleading graphic, and CNN blamed it on a design flaw.

Who is actually winning the popular vote?

Some say that Hillary is up by about 300,000 votes. Others argue that with fraud and other issues, we will never know.

The Electoral College is the one that matters, however, and Trump is clearly the winner there.

What do you think? Do you believe that Trump actually received more popular votes than we have seen so far in the reports?

Does it matter?

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