Pollster Frank Luntz: There is an Unprecedented Turnout, Trump Could WIN Michigan Afterall – 3%

Pollster Frank Luntz: There is an Unprecedented Turnout, Trump Could WIN Michigan Afterall

In a statement that contradicted his earlier statements, Frank Luntz believes Trump could take Michigan from Hillary afterall. Michigan has always been a blue state since 1988 when George H.W. Bush won thanks to Regan. Luntz believes that the working-class is what is going to make all the difference, and they LOVE Trump.

Trump really has been hitting Michigan hard the last week, appealing to the working-class voters, promising jobs and attacking Hillary’s support for NAFTA and TPP

Breitbart had this to say:

Pollster Frank Luntz announced early Tuesday afternoon that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have a realistic chance of winning the state of Michigan in today’s presidential election.

“Working-class turnout is looking much higher than expected,” Luntz tweeted.

This statement contradicts Luntz’s prediction just yesterday that Trump could win the battleground states of

A Republican candidate has not won Michigan’s electoral votes since 1988, when George H.W. Bush took the White House while riding on the popularity of outgoing president Ronald Reagan.

 Hillary Clinton has maintained an edge in Michigan polling heading into Election Day, with the RealClearPolitics polling average putting her 3.4 percentage points above Trump — within most polls’ margins of error. An election-eve survey published by the Trafalgar Group showed Trump up two points.

Michigan native Michael Moore warned his progressive followers last week that polls showing Clinton ahead were not a guarantee that she would win the state — as Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off an upset victory during the Democratic primary despite trailing her by large margins.


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