Rob Schneider Drops Vicious Tweet About Dems, “They Haven’t Been This Mad Since…”

Ever since Election Day, Democrats across the nation have been howling about President-elect Donald Trump and how his victory means that America is doomed for all eternity.

While demonstrators have taken to the streets every night, some people have poked fun at them for acting like angry toddlers who broke their favorite crayon. Comedian Rob Schneider is one of those people.

The Daily Caller noted that Schneider sent out a tweet directed at Democrats that absolutely fried them, while also making an extremely good point.

Schneider also sent out a second tweet.

Yes, there has been some realigning of Republican ideology over the years, just like there has been re-aliginging of Democratic ideology, but the indisputable fact is that it wasn’t a Democratic president who issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

Liberals never could handle losing very well. Whenever something doesn’t go their way they riot, protest and otherwise try to disrupt daily life to show everyone how angry they are.

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