SPECIAL “NEEDS” College Students Learn to Face Life WITHOUT HILLARY – 3%

SPECIAL “NEEDS” College Students Learn to Face Life WITHOUT HILLARY

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hillary preyed on the weak and stupid with her blatant lies and broken promises. What better place to grab some blind followers than on a college campus where suicide rates are high. Hillary knew these kids are not only ENTITLED BRATS, but they want something to believe in and used it to her advantage.

In response to their devastating loss and the grieving process that ensues, colleges around the U.S are pandering to these “cry babies” by contributing to their entitlement. Hot coco, counseling, therapy dogs, and free passes on class attendance. Unfortunately these kids only like the democratic process if it comes out their way.

Why don’t we give them some color books and crayons too, maybe some playdough to soften the blow. All that is missing now is a fire ring while they all sing Kumbaya

One Constitutional law professor, Jonathan Turley, said it well in reaction to protests on these college campuses following Trump’s victory,  “we’re…raising a generation of emotional hemophiliacs.”

What a joke, Take a look.

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