The New York Times Almost Ran This ‘Front Page Cover’ But TRUMP Destroyed Their Plans – 3%

The New York Times Almost Ran This ‘Front Page Cover’ But TRUMP Destroyed Their Plans

Liberal media outlets were SO EXCITED about announcing Hillary’s Presidency and they had a blast creating images like this one. Then Trump happened!

Hillary Clinton, her staff, her family, and all of her friends in the liberal media were confident that she would break the so-called “glass ceiling” and be sworn in as America’s first female President.

When Trump pulled ahead in Florida, liberals knew something was wrong. He won Ohio, and was doing well in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Late in the evening, it became apparent that Hillary and her minions had rigged the system but they did not cheat hard enough.

It is said that Hillary became drunk and violent on Election Night and had to be restrained from attacking Robby Mook and John Podesta. When Podesta suggested that she needed to go out and speak to her supporters, she allegedly replied, “F*ck them, you do it.”

Podesta told the crowd of liberal supporters to go home and wait for all of the votes to be counted, then Hillary’s Campaign made a concession call to Donald Trump. The timing was suspicious, indeed.

Later reports indicated that Hillary was not on the phone with Trump. The concession call was actually placed by Huma Abedin.

In any event, the liberal media got it wrong. Horribly wrong.

Against the odds and against the Establishment in both the Republican and Democrat parties, Donald Trump won the Election.

Some newspaper front page plans had to be scrapped. Pages like this one:


So the glass ceiling is still intact. Liberals will have to endure four to eight years of a Trump Presidency.

Don’t worry, New York Times. You can still create your front page news.

Perhaps some other times the end result will be more to your liking than the Presidential Election of 2016.


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