This ELECTION Has Many DREADING Thanksgiving and the “Uninvite” – 3%

This ELECTION Has Many DREADING Thanksgiving and the “Uninvite”

This year’s election has been hard on many, even entire families are in disagreement and hate each other. As we approach the holiday season, many are being “uninvited” to Thanksgiving simply for voting for either candidate. I can imagine that being “uninvited” is probably better than a domestic dispute, which seem to soar over the holidays. Either way, it is unfortunate that people can’t put aside their differences for one night, especially for family.

If you are one of the people who choose to put your differences aside, it’s best to keep all politics off the table and definitely defuse the situation if backed into a corner.  Humor is always good and so is keeping your mouth shut.

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The Hill reported:

Sarah-Jane Cunningham knew that her Facebook posts about the election were rubbing her family the wrong way, but she didn’t realize the posts would get her uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner.

The 19-year-old said her mother called a week before Thanksgiving and confronted her about the Facebook posts regarding President-elect Donald Trump.

“She asked me if I was going to be disrespectful to my family, and I told her that it could work either way, Cunningham said. “If the things I am saying are disrespectful to Trump supporters, the things they are saying are also disrespectful to me.”

Cunningham’s response got her uninvited to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner in Maine. She said that while her mom later called and tried to make things right, it was too late and she plans to hang out with her two cats in Boston on Thanksgiving.

And she won’t be the only one whose political views earned them the a spot on the uninvited list at family Thanksgiving.

On Twitter, Trump and Clinton supporters-alike shared their stories about getting uninvited from Thanksgiving.


Others, who may have wanted a reason to skip dinner, simply said they were dreading the inevitable alcohol-fueled political discussions.


Katelyn Crist, a writer based in Charlotte, N.C., who recently faced criticism after writing about her decision to vote for Trump, tweeted that Trump supporters uninvited to Thanksgiving are welcome at her house.

“We need to get back to a place where we can have civil discourse over a variety of subjects because that’s the we learn and grow,” Crist said.


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