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This Is The BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO Of Hillary The Media Hid From Us

This footage is from Hillary’s last campaign stop in Los Angeles. She was “greeted” by a group of Latinos in a “direct” way. No wonder she lost.

The 2016 Presidential Election had been a long one. Hillary Clinton and her team chose to end up in Los Angeles, the heart of Liberal Democrat country.

She had been pampered for far too long. The bubble of fiction that had been created around her contributed to her arrogance, and ultimately, to her downfall.

This Campaign stop, the last of its kind in Los Angeles, California, just before the Election, revealed a telling moment about where Hillary truly stood in the eyes of voters.


Ironically, the Hillary and news media narratives had tried to paint Trump as the anti-Hispanic, anti-Latino racist. Donald Trump was the bigot, if you asked them.

Evidently, Latinos were not totally on board with the sentiment.

Imagine if this video had aired on national news the night before the Election. At least the liberals would have had more realistic expectations.

“You’re not welcome here! You’re not welcome here!”

“You betrayed women’s rights…!”

She was truly booed off of the stage by Latinos. The same group that she was trying to convince that Trump was a racist.

Watch for yourself:

The truth is out, now, Hillary. The mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.


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