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URGENT VIDEO: If This Happens In Your Voting Booth, DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT!

WATCH what happened to this voter! If it happens to you, here is a list of numbers you can call:

This person, a Trump supporter, was not able to select Trump/Pence as his choice. He tried repeatedly, then asked for help.

This is not the first problem of its kind this Election Season. Earlier we reported:

And, on another occasion:

In this all-important 2016 Presidential Election, make sure that your vote counts. There have been reports of election and voter fraud, including allegations that voting machines are tied to George Soros and the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton has voted. Donald Trump has as well.

Of course, today stands to be a long day for most who are involved or interested in this Election. I am praying that we do not have another recount scenario like we had with Bush/Gore many years ago.

It is also apparent that WikiLeaks and Anonymous plan to be active today.

Take a look:

Earlier today, Julian Assange issued this statement:

Early this morning, Assange and WikiLeaks delivered this shocker:

Do you believe that Assange and Anonymous have waited too long to present the information that they have. Both have indicated that they have waited until Election Day so that there will be no time to replace Hillary Clinton as a candidate.

What do you think?

Vote from your heart and make sure that your vote counts!


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