[VIDEO] Consumerism Out Of Control, Video shows ransacked Nike store on Black Friday

Outlets across the country were packed with shoppers on Black Friday, but the Nike factory store in Tulaip, Washington, wasn’t prepared for the mayhem that took place.

Check out the footage below.

I am all for consumerism, but this black Friday thing is out of control.

Let's just say – Outlet video tomorrow!

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Above is before and below is after.


Downer told BuzzFeed News that he went to the store to buy basketball sneakers for his son.

“I thought there was an earthquake that happened,” he said. “It was unreal … People were just kicking stuff out of the way.”

A store employee told Buzzfeed the scene was “Jurassic Park crazy” and said that nearly 20,000 people visited the store Thursday night for Black Friday deals.



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