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[VIDEO] Huma Abedin CAUGHT ON CAMERA, But Who Is That Man?

She disappeared from Hillary’s Campaign but now has turned up on video!

Ever since news broke that the FBI was reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices, we have seen virtually nothing of Huma Abedin.

Evidently, Huma Abedin has not fled the country as of yet.

She was captured on video last night, in the Upper East Side of New York City, with her son, Jordan.

That is bold, don’t you think? Appearing in a crowd, on public streets, given the nature of everything that is going on?

The video below raises a few other questions, as well.

Among them, who is the tall man walking along with Huma Abedin? He shirt says “SWAT,” which is certainly part of a Halloween Costume, right?

Could be be a law enforcement officer, working in some security capacity? Or is he assigned to make sure that Abedin does not, in fact, flee the country?

Perhaps he is just a bodyguard or friend, but something seems fishy about this entire Halloween outing.

Watch below for yourself:

One man is noticeably, and perhaps sadly, missing: Anthony Weiner.

It is no surprise that Weiner is not trick-or-treating though, as he and Abedin have been separated since news of his sexting problem reappeared a few months ago.

Will Weiner and Abedin face off in court?

He has said that he emails in question appeared on his laptop “accidentally.” Huma’s lawyers say that she does not know how it happened.

If I were either of them, I would be scared, to say the least!

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