[VIDEO] Syrian Commander Loses Count Of Dead ISIS Soldiers After Scoring Major Victory – 3%

[VIDEO] Syrian Commander Loses Count Of Dead ISIS Soldiers After Scoring Major Victory

A high-ranking Syrian army official has been filmed proudly walking past hundreds of dead ISIS militants strewn across the sandy ground.

Syrian Major General Issam Zahreddine, who is one of the key figures in the fight against the terror faction, seemingly counts the bloodied corpses of the slain men as he strolls by.

The group took over parts of the city’s north during an assault that claimed the lives of up to 300 people, including civilians and army personnel.

Zahreddine’s men say they have reclaimed much of the area ISIS took over in raids that were boosted by counter strikes from Russian forces on the militants’ strongholds.

The terror group still has a presence in the area and have launched a number of other attacks to assume control of the settlement.

However the number of incursions has reduced in recent weeks due to a manpower shortage that is a direct result of offensives in Mosul and Al-Raqqa by the Sunni extremists.

The line of bodies the major walks by is so long he and some of his armed men stopped before they even reached the last of the deceased.

The clip is part of a nine-minute video showing the Presidential Guard, otherwise known as the Republican Guard, in numerous shootouts against ISIS.

The footage shows the men, who serve under the much maligned President Bashar al-Assad, seemingly reclaiming a town and inspecting the bodies of other fighters they had just killed in a bloody shoot out.

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