[VIDEO] These Anti-Trump Meltdowns Compiled Into One Video Is Legendary

The video below is a hilarious compilation of these libtards I have seen yet. They have really lost it. We all know they are crazy, but this is taking the cake. Chicks on the right said it best:

These people are freaking unhinged, y’all.  It used to be that I carried because it was my Constitutional right.  Then it seemed like a good idea, because of those pesky restraining orders Mock and I had to get, but now it’s good to do so, just in case one of these raving lunatics and I meet up on the street and they find out that I don’t have the kind of cancer that they want me to die from and all.

Couldn’t have said it any better. Now this does have some language, because libs are filthy beings, so proceed with caution. Enjoy!

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