[VIDEO] Voter Fraud SO RAMPANT That Court-Appointed Minority Official KICKED OUT

It is tough to do your court-appointed job if you are this guy in Philly. Reports of what the Hillary people are doing keep getting worse…

It is early on Election Day, but, apparently, things have already gotten bad in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There are reports of poll workers distributing Hillary Clinton literature INSIDE the polling station. Totally illegal.

Now, we find the case of this poor gentleman, who is just trying to do his job. His name is Joe Hallahan, and he is a court-reported Minority Inspector. He was told he must wait outside and that he is not allowed in the room. Reportedly, the Police were called, as well as even a Senator’s office.

Watch as he tells the story himself:

Another Philly resident reports:

Outrageous! Where are the Black Panthers, who advertise that they stand against this kind of intimidation?

Be on the lookout as you go to vote today. Strange things are happening.

Earlier, we reported:

This has been the craziest Presidential Election in American history, with Election Day, and the days that are to follow, perhaps even being crazier than the Bush/Gore debacle of 2000.

It is early, and do not forget, groups like Anonymous and WikiLeaks are still out there, promising to deliver more, at just the right time.

Is it too late? Time just keeps marching on…

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