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Why Are Democratic Leaders Silent As Base Descends Into Violence?

For a candidate that practically made accepting the election results a party platform, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been conspicuously silent on the riots, assaults and protests against President-elect Donald Trump.

The Obamas, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders have been noticeably quiet, too.

Democrats’ motto is “When they go low, we go high,” according to first lady Michelle Obama, but now that Trump has risen above Hillary, Democratic leaders are burying their heads in the sand to avoid gazing upon the unravelling of their base into the exact type of riots they said would come from Trump supporters.

Sarah Kendzior wrote in Quartz that she worried potential Trump riots would be worse than the riots over the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. “This is the nightmare St. Louis endured in the fall of 2014,” she wrote. “And it is a nightmare that may play out in cities across the U.S., both on Election Day and in the weeks to follow.”

Washington Times writer S.A. Miller described Democratic fears of “neo-Nazis,” “riots” and “chaos” if Trump lost.

“This is scary stuff,” Huffington post reporter Julia Craven wrote. “Trump rally attendees have physically and verbally abused protesters.”

Less than two weeks after Craven wrote that piece, anti-Trump protesters at the University of Michigan spray-painted “Kill ‘Em All,” and “Fuck America” on a large rock on campus. Twitter exploded with calls to assassinate Trump:

The CEO of PacketSled, a tech security company, resigned after he threatened to kill Trump on his personal Facebook page.

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