18-Year-Old Hillary Supporter Shares Some ‘REVEALING’ Trump Quotes In Her VIRAL TOPLESS Despair – 3%

18-Year-Old Hillary Supporter Shares Some ‘REVEALING’ Trump Quotes In Her VIRAL TOPLESS Despair

Does she truly think these pictures will somehow help Hillary? I am sure her parents are proud.

Liberals are absolutely in disarray. Beside themselves with grief. In a way, I understand their disappointment. In the mind of a liberal, they are all so oppressed that any act of cheating or dishonesty is justified.

Earlier, we reported:

Now, a distraught 18-year-old student from Oregon, Aria Watson, is “revealing” her grief by revealing her body, painted with Trump quotes.

“When Trump beat Clinton, my heart shattered,” – she said. She couldn’t remain silent anymore and decided to “help people realize who Donald Trump really is.”

Aria’s photo series is entitled “#SignedByTrump.” She hope that her work will help people to “open their eyes” and see who Trump really is.

Perhaps Aria should open her eyes and read the WikiLeaks emails for a look at who Hillary Clinton really is.

Aria’s photos were submitted as a final project in her Introduction to Photography class at Clatsop Community College. Later, they went on to go viral on Tumblr, receiving 50,000 notes per day.

Take a look at her work, below. Does she really think that people are going to take this seriously? Looks like a plea for attention to me.

“To everyone who has supported me and #SignedByTrump don’t let anyone silence you,” – she told Buzzfeed

“I don’t know why Donald Trump is in office, or how this even happened, but he is. What we need more than ever is to come together. We are stronger together”








If you were wondering where these kinds of crazy things come from: in this case, a community college in Oregon!


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