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Baby Sisters Scalded To Death After Young Couple Seek Refuge At Homeless Shelter

NEW YORK, NY – Two baby sisters were scalded to death after a radiator busted inside the room where they were napping.

The tragic incident happened on Wednesday after the sisters, Ibanez, 2, and Scylee, 1, were put down for a nap by their father inside a New York homeless shelter.

I’ve been reading a handful of sites reporting on the parents’ history of drug addiction, homelessness and history with child welfare. While the articles themselves don’t blame the parents for their daughters’ horrific death, this info hasn’t stopped the people commenting on the articles from doing so.

Personally, I feel those details may be the root cause for the family living in a city owned homeless shelter with 60 code violations against it, but that this is nothing more than a tragic accident.

If anything, it highlights the state of the city’s homeless shelters. The owner of the building where this incident occurred, Moshe Piller, was named on the public advocate’s list of the city’s 100 worst landlords. Resident say they’ve been complaining about the radiators letting off too much heat.

“We are devastated by this tragedy,” said Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks. “We are investigating and taking steps to immediately transfer the four other families being sheltered at this location to another shelter.”

Yesterday, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office said it is opening an investigation into Piller and the building

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