BIDEN Slams Hillary’s Failed Campaign, “I’m EMBARRASSED” – 3%

BIDEN Slams Hillary’s Failed Campaign, “I’m EMBARRASSED”

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at NYU today and reflected on how “ugly” and divisive the 2016 campaign has been.

“It was more a battle of personalities than it was ideas, in my view,” Biden said. “I find myself embarrassed by the nature and the way in which this campaign was conducted. And, you know, so much for the shining city on a hill.”

Biden, of course, was no stranger to some of the more heated campaign rhetoric. In response to some of Donald Trump‘s outlandish comments about women, Biden said that if they were in high school he’d like to “take him behind the gym.”

After meeting with Mike Pence recently, Biden expressed optimism that a lot of the Obama administration’s policies wouldn’t be rolled back.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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