Bodybuilder Gets OWNED By A Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Then PUT TO SLEEP BY A GIRL! – 3%

Bodybuilder Gets OWNED By A Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Then PUT TO SLEEP BY A GIRL!

This man has clearly lifted weights for a long time. His build is that of a football player and he moves athletically.

Most likely, he has entered every confrontation of his life as the aggressor, relying on intimidation to overwhelm his opponent. Guys like that normally throw wild punches and then perhaps subdue there opponent on the ground while continuing to pound them. The rough, football tackle is likely part of his arsenal, as well.

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Unfortunately, for this meathead, Jiu Jitsu practitioners train to fight on the ground and they use technique over strength and muscle. It is not evident if this man has a wrestling background, but his movements indicate that it is unlikely. The members of the Jiu Jitsu school incorporate wrestling every day as part of their regimen. This guy had no idea what he was in for.

It is annoying to hear him talk smack from the beginning. He struts around the mat and does seem a little shaken when his intimidation tactics have no effect on the black belt. The guy must have been a massive jerk, as once the black belt takes his back, then gets him on the ground, he pummels him with painful, disorienting open-hand ear slaps. Those hard slaps hurt far more than one would think, especially when they hit directly over the ears.

This big dude just can’t learn his lesson, so a lower-ranking female student is called out to teach him more. Listen as the arrogant muscle-man says things like, “Are you going to do my dishes?”

The girl is unfazed, quickly taking his back herself. The end result?

Put to sleep by rear naked choke.

Watch the karma and justice for yourself, below:

This guy gets a taste of humble pie! Do you think he will return for more actual training? If so, he will have to make a number of attitude adjustments.


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